24th July

Rameau's 'Castor et Pollux' with Ainsworth, Sempey and de Negri from Montpellier

Concert from the Radio France Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon Festival. Rameau's 'Castor et Pollux' is an opera first performed on 24 October 1737 by the Académie royale de musique at its theatre in the Palais-Royal in Paris. The librettist was Pierre-Joseph-Justin Bernard. Castor and Pollux are famous heroes. Despite being twin brothers, one of them (Pollux) is immortal and the other (Castor) is mortal. They are both in love with the princess Telaira (Télaïre), but she loves only Castor. The twins have fought a war against an enemy king, Lynceus (Lyncée) which has resulted in disaster: Castor has been slain. Performers: Colin Ainsworth, tenor, Florian Sempey, baritone, Emmanuelle de Negri, soprano, Clémentine Margaine, mezzo-soprano, Sabine Devieilhe, soprano, Christian Immler, bass, Virgile Ancely- baritone. Pygmalion Ensemble. Conductor: Raphaël Pichon.

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