25th April

Hndel's 'Teseo' with Vermeulen, Hallenberg, Willetts, Derri et al from Moscow

Händel's 'Teseo' is an opera seria. The Italian-language libretto was by Nicola Francesco Haym, after Philippe Quinault's Thésée. King Egeo of Athens, years before the action begins, had sent away his baby son to a far-off land. Now a grown man, the hero Teseo is fighting on behalf of Athens, his identity as the king's son unknown to himself or others. Olivia Vermeulen, mezzo-soprano. Ann Hallenberg, mezzo-soprano. Kateryna Kasper, soprano. Owen Willetts, countertenor, Konstantin Derri, countertenor. Katharina Ruckgaber, soprano. Igor Podoplelov, baritone. Moscow Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Federico Maria Sardelli. Live.

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